Li Lu Portfolio

Li Lu Portfolio

Himalaya Capital Holdings

Li Lu is a Chinese-American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist known for his role as the founder and chairman of Himalaya Capital. Over the years, Li Lu has earned a reputation as a savvy investor and is often associated with Warren Buffett due to their mutual admiration and professional connections.

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$2.35 billion

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Who is Li Lu?

Li Lu's journey from an activist in China to one of the most respected figures in the global investment community is a testament to his skills, resilience, and principles.

  1. Early Life: Li Lu was born in China in 1966. He was involved in the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 and subsequently fled to the U.S. after the crackdown.
  2. Education: After coming to the U.S., Li Lu earned multiple degrees from Columbia University, including a bachelor's degree in economics, a J.D., and an MBA. While at Columbia, he was influenced by the teachings of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, both icons in the world of value investing.
  3. Himalaya Capital: Founded by Li Lu in the mid-1990s, Himalaya Capital manages funds focusing on long-term investments, primarily in publicly traded companies. Over the years, Li Lu has developed a track record of impressive returns, leading to comparisons with Warren Buffett.
  4. Connection with Warren Buffett: Buffett has spoken highly of Li Lu in various forums and has even suggested that Li Lu could potentially be involved in managing portions of Berkshire Hathaway's investments in the future. This kind of endorsement from Buffett has significantly boosted Li Lu's prominence in the investment community.
  5. Philosophy: Li Lu's investment philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of value investing. He looks for undervalued companies with solid fundamentals and often holds positions for extended periods.
  6. Philanthropy: Apart from his investment activities, Li Lu is also known for his philanthropic efforts, especially in the area of education.

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Market Cap
$816 Billion
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