Compare the Best Crypto Exchanges

Compare the Best Crypto Exchanges

Compare the best Crypto Exchanges.

Our Pick
HeadquartersOriginally in China (relocated due to regulations)San Francisco, California, USASan Francisco, California, USAHong KongSeattle, Washington, USAOriginally in China (relocated due to regulations)
Features– Spot trading,
– futures trading, staking,
– savings, launchpad for new tokens.
– User-friendly interface, – staking, Coinbase Pro for advanced trading.– Spot trading, futures, OTC,
– staking.
– Spot trading,
– margin trading, OTC.
– Spot trading,
– secure platform.
– Spot trading,
– futures, OTC,
– staking.
# Coins500+100+250+160+350+400+
Trading VolumeHigh (often the highest globally)HighMedium to HighMediumMediumHigh
Security2FA, withdrawal whitelist, U2F.2FA, cold storage, insured deposits.2FA, cold storage, PGP email encryption.2FA, withdrawal protections, database encryption.2FA, cold storage, multi-stage wallet strategy.2FA, cold storage, encrypted user data.
Fees0.1% trading fee (varies by volume and BNB holdings).Variable (can be high, especially on regular Coinbase).0.16% to 0.26% (based on last 30 days' volume).0.1% to 0.2% (varies by volume).0.2% flat fee.0.2% trading fee (tiered fee structure).

Risk Disclaimer

Engaging in securities trading encompasses a significant risk factor. Activities such as margin-driven foreign exchange dealings, off-market derivatives, and cryptocurrency ventures expose participants to numerous risks. These risks encompass factors like heightened leverage, reliance on creditworthiness, minimal regulatory safeguards, and potential market fluctuations. These could profoundly impact the value or liquidity of a currency or its associated entities. Please be aware that the strategies, methodologies, or indicators highlighted in our offerings do not guarantee profits and may even lead to financial losses.

Why Trust Us?

At Investing Compare, our analyses, as well as our product and service evaluations, derive from the extensive data we gather, complemented by the observations and informed perspectives of our seasoned research team. Annually, we roll out extensive research content, amounting to tens of thousands of words, supplemented with comprehensive guides. Moreover, we keep an active eye on a myriad of global regulatory bodies (learn more about our Trust Score computation).

Our diligent research department delves deep into the examination of an array of features, tools, products, and services, during which we accumulate and verify thousands of data points. Every trading platform offered by a broker, be it in-house or sourced from external vendors, undergoes our rigorous assessment, evaluated on myriad data-centric criteria.

Further, we delve deep into the commission and fee structures of each broker. This includes evaluating bid/ask spreads, with specific emphasis on average spread figures for prevalent forex currency pairings. Our research also covers other trading-associated expenses, such as fees for inactivity or custody, minimum deposit prerequisites, VIP concessions or discounts, and a gamut of other crucial fee-related metrics.

Other pivotal research areas integrated into our evaluation comprise mobile trading feasibility and prowess, the provision of market research and educational resources, and the overarching Trust Score of every broker.

For a more detailed insight into our meticulous research and assessment methodology, please peruse our comprehensive account of our research and testing processes.


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